Best Time To Visit St. Petersburg In 2017}

Submitted by: Olivia Bond

Saint Petersburg is a federal subject in Russia which is situated on the banks of the Neva River. The Neva River is at the head of the Gulf of Finland which is located on the Baltic Sea. The city of St. Petersburg is considered as the most modern and westernized city. The city also forms the cultural capital of Russia. The city has the largest museums of the world The Hermitage. The most important historic center of St. Petersburg and many other related monuments together have been a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. I was in Russia for some work of mine and when you are in Russian you cannot miss to visit St. Petersburg. Here I could find so much of extraordinary culture that it was fun to enjoy a vacation here. When I personally visited this city I found that all times are the best time to visit St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg experiences a humid continental climate. The weather changes in the Baltic Sea affects the climate of this city. The summers are long, hot and humid while the winters are very chilly and cold. Most of the tourists prefer the winter season to be the best time to visit St. Petersburg.


I have few of my friends who have already visited St. Petersburg mentioned that the right time to visit this beautiful cultural city is from mid-June until September.

Summer the summer begins in the month of June and extends upto September. The temperature remains warm during the day but the evenings are cool and comfortable. This is the best time to visit St. Petersburg with the popular White Nights celebrations taking place in the month of June. This is the peak season for the tourists. Make all your bookings in advance to enjoy the Singing World the International Festival of Choral Art which is held in July and August. In the month of September towards the end of summers you have the International Early Music Festival.

Winter winters are from October and continue until April. The winters are very chilling and cold. The temperature is freezing and thus attracts less number of tourists. But for those tourists who would want to visit the city during the slack season then this is the best time to visit St. Petersburg. The hotel rates are comparatively low and all your travel expenses go down during this period. In the month of December you have the International Winter Festival Art Square; Maslenitsa Festival is held from the month of February until March and finally you have the Dance Open festival in the months of March and April.

Autumn – Beginning from the month of April to mid June the season remains warmer; even during this time there are less of tourists in this city. Those who are the lovers of Ballet do not miss the International Ballet Festival held in the month of April and that too in late April. Besides this the Musical Olympus International Festival is held in the month of May June.

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