Captain Chris Gives You Real World Advice Against Thugs

By William F. Gabriel

It’s your worst nightmare, someone has marked you out as an easy target and even worse, there is nowhere for you to run and no one around to help you. Yelling for help will do no good and running is impossible because he has you cornered. They are bigger and stronger than you and your first option and instinct is to beg for mercy but it is unlikely that they will comply. On the other hand, you could do what Chris Pizzo would do, that is if you have been following his teachings and fight back with Close Combat Training. The techniques involved in this are easy to learn and could save your life one day.

If this seems overly dramatic as you are sitting at home in comfort reading this article then it will seem like pretty sound advice if you find yourself in the aforementioned terrifying scenario. While basic self defense advice like kicking them in the groin, the knee or poking their eyes out are reasonable bits of advice in a desperate situation, these don’t always work. Let’s just say the attacker blocks your eye gouge with their hands, the groin kick with a retaliatory strike and the knee kick by raising their leg, what on earth can you do then? If you have studied the moves of Captain Chris you would already know the answer to this question.


Desperate times can cause for extreme measures so don’t be afraid to do something that you would never normally do. In fact, one of the basic tenets of the Close Combat Training Program taught by Chris Pizzo is to fight dirty if you need to. There is no point sitting around in the bar with your buddies after you have got out of hospital saying what you should have done. You shouldn’t have to beat yourself up about it after the thug has done so and by following the videos made by Captain Chris, you will have no regrets because you will have come out of the fight as the winner.

If in a bear hug, be sure to use such simple yet brutal moves like hitting them in the face with the back of your head and pulling their hair. Even though this is seen as a girly move, you will not be saying that if it gets you out of strife! Chris Pizzo advocates the use of every part of your anatomy as a weapon when taking on a thug. Being more unpredictable than your attacker is the best way to come out of an assault in one piece.

If you feel that the teachings of Captain Chris go against your value system then you’re making a huge mistake. Street attackers have no morals and no qualms about doing whatever it takes to hurt and rob you so why do you need to worry about them? Those of you interested in defending yourself against random violence should take a look at Close Combat Training as it can prepare you for attacks far better than martial arts.

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