Commercial Real Estate Investment Which One Is The Best For You?

Commercial Real Estate Investment – Which One Is the Best for you?


Royce Marek

Nowadays, real estate is one of the most reliable, high return and safest way of investing your hard-earned money. What is a Commercial Real Estate Investment? As the names suggest, is investing in commercial real estate like retail shops, apartments, mobile home parks, shopping centers and other commercial income property. All types of commercial real estate investment have its own peculiarities, strengths, problems, rewards and risks. One of the major benefits in commercial real estate is the return on investment, which is much higher than residential property and much less management intensive. In this article, we will discuss the major types of Investment properties, so you can choose a suitable one for your risk, time and monetary investment.

What are the Major Types of Lease Properties?

There are two basic types of properties in the commercial space. Single tenant properties and multi-tenant properties are the two major investment real estate asset classes. These properties can be retail, industrial, office, restaurant, warehouse or ground leases. I will discuss the single tenant properties in more detail below.


Single Tenant Triple-Net Lease Properties

?In recent years, owning commercial property under a lease triple-net strategy has emerged as an extremely popular and effective real estate investing. ?Rent to a tenant for a 15-25 year term, who agrees to occupy and pay all expenses associated with the property during the lease term. The tenant pays rent and all working expenses (taxes, maintenance and insurance) and the owner collects a monthly check without doing anything. Depending on your level of risk these tenants can be credit rated tenants with the lowest rate of possible default or can be non-credit tenants with some or more risk of possible default. Some of these leases include periodic increases in rent to help cover future inflation and are perfect for estate planning for children who may not be familiar or in the real estate business.

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