Forex Automoney: Leverage Secrets To Profitable Forex Trading Part 1

Forex Automoney: Leverage Secrets to Profitable Forex Trading Part 1


Michael Kahiri

Many brokers offer their clients leverage that is big enough, which results in losing money even if you professional trader. Using Forex Automoney platform doesn’t necessarily guarantee profit for a trader, if he makes terrible mistakes when choosing leverage. Leverage ratio of 1: 1,000 has become the last year’s trend.


This kind of leverage with the wrong trader statistics (which mean how many successful position and unsuccessful positions he has out of 100 positions), can be a key factor on bad trading experience. These kinds of brokers usually don’t care very much for their customers’ well being, and they only care for the money they make from the transaction fee, and sometime from the actual loss of money of their client. When giving the possibility to a trader to deposit $100 and based on that open positions on $100,000, it’s actually means suicide. The actual meaning of that is that if the market will go just 10 pips to the wrong direction, your deal will be closed with the loss of your deposit. Combining high leverage with Forex Automoney

platform, can get you the wrong conclusion about the ability of this platform to provide you with valuable information regarding the currencies future prices (quality forecast). What usually happens to new investors is, they open an account with a broker which offer them great spread (on future article I’ll write very carefully about this trap), and great leverage. Then they may lose money by using Forex Automoney or any other trading technique, and think that the there is something wrong on their technique.

The evaluation of Forex Automoney platform or any other trading technique is a complex thing, and it is a job for professional who knows various techniques of research, it is not an easy or obvious process. Before your start the evaluation you have to eliminate all noises factors that you may have, which could influence the evaluation. Before anyone starts using a certain trading techniques in the Forex market, he should looks for professional literature, a real unbiased research that made by professionals. A team of MBA graduate made a thorough research about the forecast quality of one of the Forex Automoney platform; you can read further research about it, and further mistakes to avoid on From Michael Kahiri – MBA in Finance and Trading strategies.

Michael Kahiri is an MBA in Finance and Trading Strategy graduate, a day trader, with a lot of experience in: comparing, analyzing and evaluating financial products.

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