The Abdominal Fitness Equipment Range Fitness Equipment Specifically Adapted For The Abs

The Abdominal Fitness Equipment Range-Fitness Equipment Specifically Adapted for the Abs



There are various types of abdominal fitness equipment aimed to help individuals shape the abdominal sectors of the body. has gathered the most relevant fitness equipment from over the past few years to the present day aimed specifically at blasting the abs into shape within the fitness exercise schedule:


Ab Wheel Pro

is a serious abdominal training tool offering a new take on an old theme. The two wheel design gives improved stability plus the choice of single or both arm use, whilst the addition of a brake that is operated by simply twisting the wrist helps to reduce over stretching and injury.

The Supported Door

Sit Up Bar

is an extremely useful abdominal fitness equipment tool to toning and defining the abs, thighs and glutes without heavy weights. It will support the feet helping you perform perfect crunches and sit ups reducing the strain to your lower back. It is very light weight and portable which makes it a very practical option to ensuring you can stay fit where ever you are.



AB Trainers

– the most effective exercise equipment for training your abdominal muscles without harming your neck and lower back. There are many abdominal exercises which can be utilized with these products to help develop the \’6-pack\’

The Perfect Sit Up

is a great\\fantastic abdominal fitness equipment apparatus helping you perform the ideal sit up, every time.

There\’s no need to stress about neck or back pain just an effective workout for the abs, bum and thighs.

The Perfect Sit Up\’s unique ergonomic neck support keeps the spine properly aligned, reducing neck strain by fully supporting the head, while grips also ensure comfortable hand positioning.

The design of the Perfect Sit Up means that you activate all four sets of abdominal muscles for a more efficient workout. It also clicks when full range of motion is secured to tell you that you\’re doing the fitness exercise correctly.

AB Master Bench

– Confidence\’s Ab Master 200 degree range of motion targets the upper, lower, middle abs and obliques all at once with one smooth up and down motion.

All you require is just a few minutes per day, along with sensible eating plan and regular fitness exercise, to tone and flatten the Abdominals in days, not months with the adjustable resistance level, perfectly suited to any fitness level. Provides proper neck and back support to keep you in perfect form with thick padding.

The York

Abdo board

is a simple yet highly effective sector of abdominal fitness equipment. This abdominal exercise board has a 4 position height and ankle bar adjustment, and is equipped with comfortable foam rollers for ankle or knee support. When not in use, the board can be folded flat for easy storage. Can also be utilized for decline dumbbell press.


V-fit Pro-Glide

abdominal fitness equipment toner has a robust tubular steel frame with chip resistant finish. Deep padded, contoured knee and elbow pads guarantee comfort while exercising. The machine has body weight generated resistance, which can be supplemented by the addition of 25mm internal diameter weight plates. It also has a single function fitness exercise repetition counter monitor.

Ab Circle Pro

Zap your love handles and get into great shape with Ab Circle Pro abdominal fitness equipment exerciser. The Ab Circle Pro will helps you burn fat and tone your abs bottom thighs and hips. Its designed with 3 levels of fitness exercise resistance

Ab Coaster

Coast your way to great abs with the High Street TV Ab Coaster. Give yourself a cardio workout that burns off all those unwanted calories while toning, firming and sculpting your entire midsection. Tone those hard to reach areas by working your abs from the bottom up. It\’s simple to use – just coast yourself back and forth, while using the swivel base to target those hard to reach obliques. Works your core, upper and lower Abs.

Ab Sling

– These innovative abdominal slings are the most awesome abdominal fitness equipment ever designed for working your abs. Theyre excellent for doing leg raises abdominal twists and other raised abdominal work. Clip them onto any chin bar at home or the gym

Ab Sculpt

Ab Trainer – The Ab Sculpt is the World\’s No1 Abdominal fitness equipment and cardiovascular workout machine. The Ab Sculpt helps you get leaner and tighter abs, faster, without any inconvenience in the comfort of your own home. Ab Sculpt is unequaled compared to contrasting similar fitness equipment products. It corrects all the old faults. No plastic, Ab Sculpt is exclusively crafted of steel for longevity and a smoother ride. The Ab Sculpt knee pads are wider, more comfortable and more supportive whereas contrasting models are less advanced. In just minutes, and with uncomplicated exercises, you will have impressive fitness exercise results.

The fitness equipment listed above is a selection from the full impressive range of home and commercial

Abdominal Fitness Equipment

available at All the fitness exercise equipment listed will help to tone and shape the abdominal region with a balanced eating routine and some fitness focus.

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