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The Maple leaf no doubt is the emblem of Canada, but the Maple bear is synonymous with one of the cutest elementary chain schools, with branches across the globe. With Maple Bear branches operating in, Mexico Brazil, India, Turkey, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Morocco, and Bangladesh, the Mission at Maple bear is to provide a high quality bilingual early childhood education in a safe, secure and stimulating environment that will provide students with a foundation for lifelong learning. Owned and operated by Global Schools Ltd., this popular chain of pre-schools has its head office located in Vancouver, Canada The aim at Maple Bear India is to establish an enthusiasm for learning and knowledge in young students. Just like any other play school, Maple Bear is a sweet little preschool, maintained along International standards. The curriculum at Maple Bear has been developed by a team of experts in early childhood and elementary education from Canada. Maple Bear currently has 30 Schools operating in India geared at bringing the very best of early childhood and elementary school practices prevalent in Canada to India.

The Methodology of instruction followed at Maple Bear is based on a child’s learning through experience and exploration. The learning outcome is said to be accomplished when the learning curve follows the child’s natural inclination. Maple Bear schools strive at establishing an enthusiasm for learning in young children that will prepare them for mainstream schools. The Maple Bear program, draws on the best practices adopted in early childhood and are aimed at turning education into a delightful experience through re-enforcing. Maple Bear considers it a success if a child that enters crying goes back home smiling. “Weaning the child away from the comfort of the home is a difficult but compulsory endeavor to do” say the dedicated Montessori trained teachers at Maple bear, India.

Maple Bear understands the importance of English as being the gateway to a child’s success in English medium schools and stresses on Language development through the reading aloud of books. The play way method of teaching is followed at Maple Bear and inorder to get the results desired, the teachers are subjected to an extensive training to ensure the quality standards expected at Maple Bear are met. Lastly, Maple Bear undergoes an annual review to confirm that these standards are being met and on the basis of these reports, the programs conducted are upgraded to give the children the best I education. Onlineschooladmissions is a portal that caters to parents and helps makes school admissions a delightful experience.

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