Goods Galore At The Silk Street Market

Goods Galore at the Silk Street Market


Pushpitha Wijesinghe

Since being the ancient capital of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty, Beijing has over the centuries held this supreme position on and off. Today, what Beijing portrays is a lovely blend of its ancient culture and a modern metropolis. Although most assume Beijing to be more of a commercial hub in contrast to the cultural hub it used to be, what is forgotten is that since the Mongol Yuan Dynasty Beijing has actually been the commercial hub of China.

For most travellers Beijing is the true heart of China, and that is where they head to experience China first hand, especially considering China’s grandeur in culture and vivid and colourful history. With the added advantage of it being so commercialized, the best way to experience China is by exploring the sights, the food and the shopping options afforded by Beijing.


Those wishing to experience Beijing by exploring its commercial side will find that Beijing s streets are laden with shopping options ranging from designer labels to authentic Chinese jade ornaments. Amongst the big names in shopping, the Silk Street Market is held in high esteem.

The Silk Street Market, a shopping complex boasting goods such as cashmeres, clothing, accessories, antiques, Chinese handicrafts, sportswear, jewellery and various other commodities, is the ideal place to experience a fair cross-section of Beijing s soft commodities and other goods.

Located at the corner of Dongdaqiao Lu and Jianguomenwai, the Silk Street, or Xiu Shui as it is locally known, was originally an actual street market which used to be patronized by tourists. Relocated and newly housed, the brand new Silk Street still holds its prestigious place in Beijing s shopping options. The Silk Street Market is easily accessible via subway and it provides for customers comfort by featuring facilities such as a post office, bank, ATM, public security system and ample parking.

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