The Lucrative Power Of The Business Cards

Submitted by: Janice Jenkins

If there is one marketing tool that is still in use today despite the widespread use of the internet that would business card printing. The business cards seem to be the most obvious traditional promotional tool that business owner will turn to when they need to introduce themselves to their prospective customers and when they want to stay in front of them. These cards will serve as the contact card slash the mini brochure that will serve both as a handshake and an introduction for you. After all, business often starts with a friendly interaction. If you build your relationships on that aspect, it would be much easier for you to build a relationship with your customers.

It is important to remember that that just because they are your contact card they can be handed out to just anybody. You need to use and distribute your cards wisely. Instead of splattering them anywhere, hand them out to people who show sincere interest in your offerings. Keep then in your pocket, wallet, car, or briefcase so they can be handed out easily when the opportunity arises. Remember that your cards are representation; they are a part of who you are, so they should be carried with you anywhere you go. But do not be pushy and obnoxious in handing out your cards. Just let the conversation go smoothly and give your card when the other person is interested in your business.


Your cards can also be used in other ways aside from a contact card. They can serve as a discount card that your customers can use when they purchase from you. They can also be a referral card. Tell your customers to refer you to other people so they can avail of your referral incentives. The cards can also serve as a survey form. Print a simple survey at the back and tell your prospects to bring the card with the fully filled up form to avail of your special promos when they buy from your store.

Aside from handing out your cards, you can also include them in your correspondences such as bill payments. You can also clip them in a greeting card or package to serve as a label. This will make sure to reach out to people whom you did not meet personally but are likely to get interested in your products or services. Other great ways to distribute your card is to leave them in public places such as libraries, restaurants, grocery stores and in public bulletin boards.

Be sure to use the back side of your business card templates. Do not overstuff the front with all your contact details and messages. Putting additional information at the back will surely add value to your cards. You can print a location map, calendar, list of emergency numbers in your area, or your store hours at the back to encourage people to hold on to your cards.

Do not forget to give your employees their own business cards. They can help you network your business and reach out to people whom you did not even realize can become loyal patrons to your business.

No matter what type of business you have, a business card can help you promote it to your prospective customers. With a beautifully and compellingly designed card, you can be sure that people will get interested in what you have to offer.

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